Nomad, Matthew Mather's frightening take on the apocalypse


In Matthew Mather's new novel, Nomad, an anomaly 100 times more dense than the sun is headed directly for the Earth. There is nothing we can do, no where to hide, humanity grasps at straws at the end draws near.

The Atopia series, by Matthew Mather, is one of my favorite finds in the indie space over the last few years. Mather creates characters you've instantly known your whole life, and matches them with science and technology you can believe. Nomad, is a novel about an extinction-level event occurring, and it is terrifying. The politics, inter-personal relationships and crisis that occur as the end approaches humanity scared the hell out of me. The science behind the threat is real, and Mather makes sure we feel it.

Today, to celebrate its release, Nomad is available for .99 on Amazon Kindle.

Nomad, by Matthew Mather via Amazon