Millionaire fined after using children's gravestones to build a patio


Today in 1% villainy: UK property developer Kim Davies broke a bunch of laws when he used children's gravestones from a derelict church he owned to build an illegal patio at a historic home.

From The Daily Mail:

Newport Crown Court heard how planners were horrified when they saw the 'decorative stone plaques' had been used as part of a gaudy £1m makeover to the Grade II-listed home, turning it into a 'palace for an Iron Curtain dictator'. One of the 150-year-old gravestones was even engraved with the names of three brothers and a sister who all died while under the age of four.

Not only was this in violation of planning laws for Llanwenarth House, a property where Cecil Frances Alexander once penned All Things Bright And Beautiful, it seems like the plot to every other horror film.

Millionaire property developer who used children's gravestones to build a patio at £2.2million mansion which inspired All Things Bright And Beautiful is ordered to pay £300,000