First issue of new feminist hacker zine

Audrey writes, "The Recompiler is a new feminist hacker magazine dedicated to learning about technology in a fun and inclusive way. The first issue of the magazine is now online, with articles about glitchy art, 80s tech, SSL bugs, and the flaws in DNS."

We asked contributors, "what do you hack on?" and "what inspires you?" The answers ranged from the basic principles behind computing, to glitchy retro technology. We have a pair of articles on DNS and SSL that may be enlightening if you've never considered the scope of what it takes to create secure internet communication. Other writers and artists shared a little about their personal work and history in technology.

What else will you find inside this issue? Hacked graphics, adorable kittens, useful advice, and "what's in your bag?" taken to a whole new level of detail. Plus the call for contributors for Issue 2, if you're feeling inspired to write, photograph, or illustrate something yourself.

The Recompiler