Sure, Fall's a great season. Unless you are Native American.

A man “playing Indian” during a Washington football team game. [HuffPo]

This, according to the Huffington Post, is a photo of a man “playing Indian” during a Washington football team game in New Jersey against the New York Giants.

The man painted in “redface,” and wore what appears to be a wig. He is obviously an asshole, but he is just one example of the tidal wave of racist buffoonery that Native Americans have to deal with every goddamned Fall in America.

“Autumn is a vicious season for Native Americans,” writes indigenous journalist Simon Moya-Smith at Indian Country Today:

There's Columbus Day. Indian costumes on Halloween. Thanksgiving. You've even got Native American Heritage Day LITERALLY on Black Friday every year. And then--you guessed it--it's back to fantastic fanatical football buffoonery.

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