This may be the most brilliantly complicated book synopsis ever on Amazon

You know, every once in a while you run into a real gem on Amazon. A self-published work by an "outsider" author who must also function as their own publisher. When you find a gem like that, you drop to your damn knees and thank Jeff Bezos for creating a space where this sort of thing can happen.

It happens in this synopsis of a book published by P. Arden Corbin of Topeka, Kansas.

Here is his own synopsis of his self-published novel, "Unanswered Letters,"

A very young boy writes letters to his parents, who never answer them. Then when this person grows into an adult, he writes letters to his first wife, his second wife, and lastly to his fourth wife, of which she never answers any of those letters. Because this wife never talks to that husband, like a wife is supposed to do. But while all of this is happening, this male person is also taking care of his various positions in his life, trying to earn a living with all of the many things that he does. And while he is doing this, he is also raising a family of six girls and four boys. Not all of them are naturally born to his family. Meaning some of them he has adopted as a single father, even when he was a married man. Trying to keep his sanity while doing all of these things has put a lot of stress and strain on this person. Will he survive? You will have to read this Novel to get that answer. The trials and tribulations of this man is something that all of us can learn from as we read this book. Will any of what this man experiences, happen in your lives? One can only wonder. Don't miss reading this Novel, because you may learn something that will help you in your own lives. This is a long book. Read this book, because you will learn how to survive in this world, when you think there is nothing you can do. The tenacity this main character used when he went out into this world, will inspire you to do great things with your own life.

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Mr. Corbin has lived a long and interesting life of service.

P. Arden Corbin was born on the family farm in northeastern South Dakota. When he was in High School, he was the Editor of the School Paper. He pursued higher education throughout his working years, earning Degrees in various fields. Mr. Corbin was instrumental in establishing a Veterinary Hospital in Southern California in 1977.

After Mr. Corbin retired in 1995, he also taught school in a particular school District as a Substitute teacher, wherever he was needed. He was also a Special Olympics Coach for a Topeka, Kansas Chapter for three years, and a Para-professional teacher for two years. Teaching Handicapped children how to survive and function in life today.


Mr. Corbin's most recent novel is a science fiction title, The Lake That Wasn't There. It is available in both eBook and print.

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