Mess up the practice space while the band keeps playing

At first you're just knocking over, like, cups and tables and band members and stuff, but then you start to play with the sliders.

I really, really, really like Brooklyn band Celestial Shore, so I'm not sure how I missed Julian Glander's sweet interactive music video for their song 'Animal Ratio'.

At first it seems like there's not much to it: Colorful figures play in a room, and when you click, you create a disruptive burst that knocks them over, knocks the lettering off the wall, leaving a pleasantly-animated chaos—even tipped over, the three-piece band keeps playing

But the little sliders in the corner of the screen let you adjust your disruption, its range and degree of force. The most fun way to play is to turn everything down and just gently start nudging about for the duration of the song. Then you start to notice fun details, like the tiny pizza slice on the table, or the little collection of beers, and try to nudge the letters more gently (I keep trying to make it say ANIMAL RAT).

Wake the animal inside you. It's a fun thing to do with a song.