Spring-loaded fly-hunting pistol

Jef Raskin (RIP) was the creator of the Macintosh project at Apple. I got to know him pretty well in the last five years or so of his life. He was a delightful curmudgeon, and very creative. He wrote a column for the print edition of bOING bOING about pranks and scams, under the moniker "El Jefe." (I'll get around to posting them one day.)

Jef was also good at shooting flies with rubber bands. I have tried shooting flies like Jef for years. It's hard, but I score a hit occasionally. I once hit a fly in mid-flight! But when the fly problem gets serious, rubber bands don't do the trick. I just ordered this Air Venturi Fly Shooter ($(removed)). It's basically a projectile fly swatter that you launch from a pistol. I'll let you know how it works.