Cop who said he wouldn't arrest a woman if he could lick her feet goes to jail

In August Patrick Quinn, a 27-year-old police officer in a Houston, Texas suburb, pulled over a driver and spotted marijuana paraphernalia in her car. He told her he would not arrest her if she would let him lick her feet or give him her underwear. He is no longer a police officer and was sentenced to a year in jail.

He had the woman sit in the back of his school district patrol car while he searched her vehicle. He informed her that he found drug paraphernalia inside and threatened to arrest her, but then offered her options to get out of the arrest.

Quinn revealed that he had a foot fetish to the woman and if she allowed him to smell and lick her feet, he would let her go. She obeyed but then he didn't perform the act and asked for her underwear instead.

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