Jewish teacher in France stabbed in anti-Semitic hate crime by terrorism supporters

In France, police are searching for three terrorism supporters who stabbed a Jewish school teacher at a Jewish school in Marseille.

Investigators have formally declared it an anti-Semitic attack. It follows a series of attacks in Paris on Friday that killed 129, for which ISIS claimed credit. The attackers are reported to have shouted support for Isis (Daesh) after the stabbing Wednesday night, as well as anti-Semitic obscenities. One wore an ISIS t-shirt.

From The Local:

The 57-year-old victim, who was wearing a kippa, was attacked outside his home, a short distance from the school and synagogue complex, a source close to the investigation said.

The attackers who were travelling by scooter demanded he look at smartphone pictures of Toulouse jihadist Mohamed Merah, who shot dead three Jewish schoolchildren, a teacher and three soldiers in southwestern France in 2012, Marseille public prosecutor Brice Robin told AFP.

They also "showed him a t-shirt with the logo of Daesh (an acronym for Islamic State)" before lunging at him with a knife, injuring him in the arms, legs and stomach, Robin added.

Just last month, a man attacked three Jewish people near the same school and synagogue, stabbing one of them.

That attacker also shouted anti-Semitic slurs.

"Jewish teacher stabbed in anti-semitic attack"