Raising money for the Public Domain Legal Defense Fund

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud writes, "Like many of my fellow nonprofit executives, the holidays are a mixed bag for me. Public Resource has enough money in the bank to get us through January. Like other nonprofits, Public Resource gets almost all our yearly contributions over the holidays. So, it's nail-biting time while I watch the gas tank get down to fumes."

If you go to YesWeScan.Org, I've prepared a pitch letter explaining the work we've done in 2015 and why we hope people will support our work in 2016 with a tax-deductible contribution. I know times are tight for everybody and there are lots of worthy causes, so I greatly appreciate any help people can provide.

While raising money is always hard to do, there is one source of resources that has been remarkable in 2015. Nine different law firms have supported our efforts on a pro bono effort. If we were to pay for their time, that is close to $5 million in legal help.

It is immensely gratifying to see some of the top lawyers in the world rise up to defend me, and to fight for all of us and our right to read and speak the laws by which we choose to govern ourselves as a democratic society.

YES WE SCAN [Public Domain Legal Defense Fund]