Picturepedia – Fun facts, trivia and eye candy on every page

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Picturepedia is a highly visual, engaging reference book for kids. Broken up into six sections (Science and technology, Nature, Geography, Culture, Sports and hobbies, and History), this graphic-heavy encyclopedia is jam-packed with nuggets of info on over 150 topics, including electricity, muscles, fossils, gems, Antarctica, great buildings, world languages, cycling, Medieval Europe, Greek myths, castles and spies. Each topic gets two pages, and the book contains over 10,000 photos. I'm a sucker for reference books like these – fun facts, trivia and eye candy on every single page.

Picturepedia: An Encyclopedia on Every Page

by DK Publishing

Ages 7-12

2015, 360 pages, 10.2 x 12.1 x 1.1 inches

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