Mall of America sues #Blacklivematter activists to force them to tweet protest cancellation

Organizers of a demonstration in protest of the police shooting of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis police have been hit with a lawsuit by the Mall of America, which is seeking a court order requiring them to tweet and text a message announcing the cancellation of their protest.

There will be a hearing on Monday afternoon.

Organizers say the mall is just greedy, hoping to "bar free speech… despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies which it has used to appropriate the traditional public forum in service of its own corporate profit."

They called the restraining order an "outrageous and totalitarian step."

The organizers say they have no plans to stop the protest "unless authorities release the tapes related to Jamar Clark's case, prosecute police without a grand jury by special prosecutor, and bring federal terrorism charges against white supremacists who shot five protesters during the occupation."

Black Lives Matter says 'totalitarian' Mall of America wants to silence protest

(Image: Black Lives Matter protest, Mall of America, December 2014, Bobamnertiopsis, CC-BY-SA)