The Torist: a literary journal on the darknet

The Torist is a newly launched literary journal, edited by University of Utah Communications associate professor Robert W Gehl and a person called GMH, collecting fiction, poetry and non-fiction. It is only available as a file on a Tor hidden service — a "darkweb" site, protected by the same technology as was used by the likes of Silk Road.

Authors have the option of being anonymous, and the journal accepts submissions all year round.

"It's an intriguing idea—to swim against the current popular conceptions of anonymity and encryption," Gohl said.

As for GMH, "I go into it hoping to highlight what Tor can be used for: which is a way of using the internet as you already do, except preserving your dignity and right not to have your private life interfered with."

"I believe communication, especially reading things on the internet, should be private by default and that that should only be interfered with in very exceptional circumstances," he added.

The Dark Web Now Has a Literary Journal
[Joseph Cox/Motherboard]