Come to Beyond Brookledge 2016

I'm excited really excited for this May's installment of Beyond Brookledge!

Both Mark and I are huge fans of Erika Larsen and Bob Self's amazing weekend of magic, comedy, variety and amazing people! In addition to the massively, exhaustingly entertaining 3 day stay in Riverside, California's Mission Inn, last year I returned home inspired, and with a lot of new friends.

Beyond Brookledge is an extension of Erika Larsen's amazing Brookledge Follies. The follies are a single evening's performance at a very small, private stage in Los Angeles. Tickets are never for sale, seating is nearly impossible to come by and the show is over far, far too quickly. Beyond Brookledge is an amped up, immersive three day version of Erika's magical evening.

I had a chance to speak with Erika last week, and one of the few secrets she could share about this years performance is that the event will be carnival inspired! She advised me to expect something along the lines of a dark, tired carnival years after their hey-day has passed.

I would watch shows curated by Erika every day, if I could! I've already bought my ticket for 2016's show!

Beyond Brookledge 2016