Competition to stay "spaced-out" the longest

Last week, around 70 people participated in a "Space-out Competition" by the Han River in Seoul, Korea. According to Korea Bizwire, "The contestant who remained in the most stable, spaced-out position without falling asleep would be declared the winner."

"I get most stressed when I'm waiting for my boss's approval or listening to his never-ending lectures," said one contestant. "I'll get in trouble if I'm spaced out like this at work, but here, apparently, I'll get a prize."

From Korea Bizwire:

The players competed for 90 minutes. The rules were rather strict. They were not allowed to look at their cell phones, doze off or fall asleep. It was also prohibited for them to sing, laugh, or speak, any of which would lead to disqualification. The contestants' heartbeats were checked every 15 minutes to see how comfortable they remained in their spaced-out positions.