Dressing Your Octopus: help kickstart a paper doll book

My friends at Baby Tattoo are running their first ever kickstarter, around the launch of Brian Kesinger's fantastical Dressing Your Octopus.


Kesinger's Otto and Victoria return, they've been in illustrated adventures, coloring books, and have travelled around the world. This installment lets you imagine their destiny on your own, as the octopus and his companion become paper dolls.

Here is some more info from Baby Tattoo:

If you long for the simplicity of toys made from paper, and the tactile satisfaction of D.I.Y. scissorsmanship, then you owe it to yourself to point your digital device to DressingYourOctopus.com and put your electronic funds to some good, old-fashioned, analog use.


Dress your companions in stunning costumes, then take them on amazing adventures! We provide the ink-on-paper; you provide the imaginative fuel.

Become one of the first backers of the Dressing Your Octopus paper doll project on Kickstarter, and choose rewards that range from a pixel perfect wardrobe delivered digitally for only $5… to original art created by Brian Kesinger just for you!

  • Early Bird Pricing on the Softcover Edition Book
  • Limited Edition Hardcover Book with Metal Corners
  • Deluxe Boxed Edition (with a Bounty of Goodies)
  • A Day at the Aquarium with Brian Kesinger
  • Original Art by Brian Kesinger

Dressing Your Octopus, via Kickstarter