Restaurant that killed customer with nut allergy sends apology email advertising new desserts

Mohammed Zaman, founder of Easingwold Jaipur Spice restaurant in the UK, was sentenced to six years in prison for serving a nut-powder curry to a man with a nut allergy. The victim, who asked Zaman not to give him food with nuts, died from anaphylactic shock immediately after eating it.

After the sentencing, the restaurant issued a fauxpology that concluded with an advertisement for new desserts:

[We] sincerely apologise to all our loyal customers for the recent heavy press surrounding the Easingwold branch and the somewhat disappointing decision for our founding father Mr Zaman. Mistakes have been made and this is no excuse but now is a time to move on as Mr Zaman so wishes.

We are now in the process of launching a new dessert menu and have hired an exclusive pastry chef from London to design this. Our philosophy, started by our founder, [Mohammed] Khalique Zaman, was and still is to create real quality Indian cuisine of the highest standard.

With exhilarating flavours and subtle aromas…Jaipur Spice will transform your perception of Indian food…You'll spot the difference the moment the food arrives!!"