The Orlando shooting, according to the Congressmen who took the most money from the NRA

The NRA has disbursed $3,782,803 since 1998 in campaign contributions to 42 senators and 252 members of Congress.

Jezebel rounds up the responses to the Orlando shooting of the 20 highest-grossing politicians — those who received the most from the NRA over their careers. Most of them opted for the usual "thoughts and prayers" nonsense (as Samantha Bee points out, you're not praying right, c.f. James 2:14-26). A few said the Democrats were wrong to use the occasion to campaign for gun control. Some were silent.

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio)
(202) 225-2216

Response to Orlando shooting: In a blog post, he blamed the attack on ISIS. "Of course there has been a knee-jerk call for more gun control. (The New York Daily News' headline the day after the shooting was "THANKS, NRA"). Some gay-rights activists are blaming the "Christian Right." Planned Parenthood blames "toxic masculinity" (whatever that means.) It's hard to believe how stupid some of these people are."

Here's How the Congressmen Who Have Gotten the Most Cash From the NRA Responded After Orlando
[Joanna Rothkopf/Jezebel]