Brexit Leave campaign kills old website full of old promises

The Leave campaign's old homepage, which once linked to screen after screen of promises about the UK's bright future out of the EU, is now just a static banner, with no way to navigate to those pages.

The old pages are still up though, and there's also a cached copy at the Internet Archive.

Immediately after the Brexit results came in, the pro-Leave side began to backtrack on their extravagant promises about social spending, limits on migration, and glitter ponies for everyone.

"On 23 June, it's safer to Vote Leave and take back control," the subhead on the website used to say. "We should stop sending £350 million per week to unelected politicians in Brussels, and spend our money on our priorities, like the NHS."

This particular claim about using savings made by withdrawing from the EU to fund the UK's health system has been front and centre of team leave's campaign, and was most famously plastered across the official campaign bus. It has also attracted negative attention this weekend, as it became clear that the £350 million reclaimed from the EU would not in fact be spent on the UK's National Health Service. [Current site] [ mirror as of May 20, 2016]

Brexit 'Leave' campaign wipes website amid accusations of false promises