Jesse Watters bemoans "cruel" punishment of forcing Trump to sit in court: "he needs sunlight"

The right-wing outrage machine is firing on all cylinders over the vicious mistreatment of their dear leader, Donald Trump , as he faces the music for his hush money scandal.

Yesterday Fox News host Jesse Watters expressed his deepest sympathies for the plight of the former president being forced to sit in a courtroom during his criminal trial. "It's really cruel and unusual punishment to make a man do that," Watters lamented. "He needs sunlight. And he needs activity. He needs to be walking around. He needs action."

To Watters, it's unthinkable that rich and powerful people have to show up and be held accountable for potentially criminal actions. The audacity of our justice system expecting a man of wealth of privilege to remain seated and behave appropriately in court — it's a human rights violation!

Of course, Watters conveniently glosses over the fact that Trump's "punishment" stems from his own alleged misdeeds involving hush money payments to an adult film star. But I suppose facts don't matter when your paycheck is depends on portraying Trump as a victim of a universe rigged against him.