Minipresso is the Aeropress of portable espresso makers

Hearkening back to my days as a Boy Scout, camping gear is some of my favorite stuff. This Minipresso portable espresso maker has me pretty jazzed!

Using boiling water and a small hand pump, Wacaco's Minipresso makes a near-perfect shot of espresso with a nice layer of crema. For consistency and ease of use it beats some home counter-top espresso machines I've had.


Minipresso is small, about the size of the average cycling water bottle. Great for camping, this incredible device is not only easy to pack, but easy to use and clean. Fill the basket with 1 scoop of grounds and attach it. Fill the water reservoir with boiling-hot water and attach. Squeeze the pump and espresso will squirt out the bottom into your glass.

The hand pump gives my CTS/RSI-ridden hands a nice stretch after a long motorcycle ride.

Clean up is simple. Rinse it out and off. Over time, you'll need to scrub a bit, or use some vinegar to remove coffee crud deposits. It feels well made, and like it'll last. I think of this as a high-pressure, gasket-sealing version of the Aeropress, for espresso instead of coffee.

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker by Wacaco via Amazon