World map of national cost obsessions

What costs are the people of the world obsessed by? Cubans seem preoccupied with the prices of cigars, for example, and Venezuelans with gasoline. Koreans are fixated on rhinoplasty's damage to their plastic, while Russians just want to fly a MiG jet.

The cost of living trumps all in England, but the Irish are more concerned with the cost of death: funeral expenses are their national nightmare. The most WTF results: the cost of slaves in Mauritania, and land in Antarctica.

The map was created on the basis of Google autocompletion defaults, so factor in things like medical tourism and real estate speculation by the world-hopping elite, etc.

Intrigued by the results of our U.S. state-by-state analysis of Google autocomplete results, we decided to see what the worldwide results look like. We began by googling a simple question for each country: how much does a * cost in