Why what3words is the best location app you're not using

What3words is the best location app, but people aren't using it enough. Everyone has GPS on their phones, so they may see a new way of identifying locations as unnecessary. However, there are instances when you may want to meet at a specific place without an address, such as a certain spot in Central Park. You could give someone directions from an entrance to the park or, in this case,use the semi-secret Central Park lamppost codes, but there is an easier way. Just tell them to enter "bunk.carry.awards" into the what3words app or website and narrow it down to a three-meter square area.

What3words explains that it "divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words."

Companies that use this technology include DHL, Subaru, and 101 UK emergency services agencies. It is a no-brainer for public safety agencies to use it. Knowing the specific location can greatly improve response times, even if a 911 caller knows where they are. It could be a lifesaver in situations when you are unsure of your location, such as being on a street with no signs or confusing numbering, or when you are lost in the woods. Personally, I really hope that Doordash starts using what3words because every time I order, they claim that my house – which is clearly marked, well-lit, and only twenty feet from the curb — is hard to find.

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