3D printers needed to crowdsource a giant Rosie the Riveter

Todd writes, "We the Builders brings together 3D printer operators from all over the world to create sculptures that inspire makers. Our sculptures have toured maker-related events of all sizes around the northeastern United States, from local STEAM education events all the way to the White House. They are crowd-sourced, made up of hundreds of pieces 3D printed by people like you, and then mailed to Baltimore."

The We the Builders team is proud to present our fourth project, United States cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, sculpted by Baltimore maker Jen Schachter as part of her work as Special Projects Manager at Baltimore's Digital Harbor Foundation.

Jen sculpted Rosie the Riveter in oil-based clay over a wire armature, with the finished work being about 7" tall. The sculpture was then 3D scanned by Direct Dimensions, and scaled up to 33" tall to match the size of the previous three sculptures we've done. Using Netfabb, we've sliced up the model into 289 printable pieces, organized into sets of four color categories.

Now we need your help to bring it to life! Our goal is to finish Rosie by the end of 2016. We will once again be working with the fine folks at Digital Harbor Foundation for the final assembly process. DHF has consistently been in the top contributors list for We the Builders projects, and we couldn't have put Poe together without their help!

In order to capture the distinctive colors of Rosie's look, we have broken down the parts into color categories. This strategy was very successful for our last project, and we are excited to ratchet up the colors for Rosie. Rosie will be made up of blue shirt parts, red headband parts, dark hair parts and light arm and face parts.

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"We Can Do It!"—Rosie the Riveter
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