Crowdfunding a documentary about Haunted Mansion fandom

Documentary maker James H. Carter II is seeking about $4,000 to complete work on "Foolish Mortals," a documentary about Haunted Mansion fandom that includes a detailed 3D model of the Disneyland Mansion for you to VR in (or whatever!).

I chipped in!

"There are a lot of fans of horror that love the Haunted Mansion that are not necessarily Disney fans, and I tried to figure out why. The conclusion I came up with is that for most horror fans, or the ones I've spoken with at least, is that Haunted Mansion was their first exposure to anything macabre or creepy, and you either hate it, or you gravitate towards it and keep seeking it out," he said. "I find that element very interesting."

He found the fans by putting out an open call on Creepy Kingdom, the selected interviews based on the submissions he received. While they haven't traveled to all the necessary areas to complete all of their interviews, he does have quite a variety of folks lined up. Interviews include legendary Imagineer Roland Crump, who is largely responsible for the Mansion's aesthetics and design, and former Imagineer Jason Surrell. Diana Vick is a Seattle woman who creates beautiful costumes and art, some of it inspired by the Mansion. In one image from the documentary, she is seen clad in a spot-on recreation of an outfit worn by Gracey, an Attractionistas doll created by Disney. Also appearing will be the founder of Bats Day, the annual 'goth' day at Disneyland, as well as people who have decked their home out to look like the attraction.

Foolish Mortals Finishing Funds
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Documentary Explores The Fan Culture Of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion
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