The Swagger is my favorite new toy

The company that invented the Swagway hover-board came out with an electric scooter called The Swagger and I love it.  This zippy, carbon fiber toy weighs only 15 lbs, is easily carried and has a small form factor when collapsed.


I work in a large, carpeted office and we use the Swagger to blow off steam after long meetings.   I've been riding around on it for a few weeks now and there is so much cool about this thing.


  • The Swagger is UL 2272 compliant, which means it'll never burst into flames!
  • The Swagger has a backlit digital display with an odometer, speedometer, 3 speeds and cruise control.  Why I'd need cruise control on this is beyond me but I'm glad it's there!
  • The factory set top speed of the Swagger is 15MPH and though is may not sound fast enough…it is. There's even a way to lower the top speed if you'd like.
  • The Swagger has a blindingly bright headlamp for night riding and the package as a whole looks and feels solid.
  • The manufacturer, claims that a 1.5 hour charge will take you between 10-15 miles. I'm actually experiencing 5-7 but I think it's because I'm normally riding in the top gear at full throttle.



  • The $399.00 price tag is pretty steep for an office toy.   But if you live in a flat area and your commute to work is short, you should check it out.
  • The Swagger doesn't go up hills very well.

But to me the pros far outweigh the cons and I'll probably buy a second so that I can ride around with my wife.  Below is Swagtron's promo video and from the look of it, the odds of meeting young ladies who also ride Swaggers to work are 1 in 1!

I like your odds male America!