Mattel deeply discounts their toy Cybertruck as Tesla struggles to deliver the real one

You can build it, and Mattel can sell one to you for 40% off, but Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk is still working the kinks out of his Cybertruck!

Mattel Creations offers their MEGA Tesla Cybertruck with shattered shatterproof windows for a mere $150. Tesla is a partner in the build-it-yourself toy, so technically Musk can claim the truck is for sale. Recently sighted in Malibu, the actual Cybertruck sounds far from ready for sale.

Image: Mattel/Tesla


The vehicle of the future arrives today. Introducing the all-new Tesla Cybertruck – by MEGA. This collector's building set replicates the instantly iconic exoskeleton design without compromise, capturing its sleek lines and sharp angles. And the details are dynamic: Our Cybertruck features adjustable suspension, working tonneau cover, folding tailgate – and it comes fully loaded with Easter eggs, too. The future is here – and you can build it.

The windows are really the best.