Washington data scientists: a chance to figure out how to use your skills for good

A pair of data-scientists in Washington State are convening a meeting of "Data Scientists, Data Science Enthusiasts, and Advocates for Civic Liberties and Social Justice" who want to figure out how "Data Scientists & IT Professionals use their expertise to help answer the current human questions which social and policy-based organizations are currently struggling to address?"

This is pretty relevant to my interests! I'd attend if I were local to the Seattle area. The meetings are on Jan 14/21/28 in the Sea-Tac area.

What problems will minority and other vulnerable communities face in the coming years? What resources, tools and activities are currently being employed to address these questions? What can data science do, if anything, to help address these questions? Do data scientists or computer professionals have an obligation to assist in promoting social justice? What can we, as data scientists, do to help add and expand the digital tool-belt for these non-profit organizations?

Using Data Science to do Good: A Conversation [Roger Stanev and Chris French/Mathbabe]