Macedonian designers make posters against dictatorship and for free and fair elections on Dec 11

An anonymous reader writes, "(Anonymous) Macedonian designers have submitted posters calling for a vote against a dictatorship on the 11th December. Their motto "#GlasamProtiv [#VoteAgainst] is an initiative by a group of Macedonian designers to topple the dictatorship that has all of us captive. Vote your will on the 11-th of December and stand AGAINST corruption, crime, freedom of speech, party harassment, torture, submission…"

"This is the third attempt at fair and democratic elections, after a massive wiretapping scandal that took place from 2008-2016 (possibly still ongoing) where at least 20,000 citizens have had their electronic communications directly or indirectly wiretapped, with or without a court order. An international effort was initiated that brokered a deal between the 4 major parties, forming a Special Prosecutor (SJO) among other things, responsible for ending the institutional and political crisis. The elections on the 11th December will decide the future of Macedonia."