Autonomous driving simulators may help reduce driverless anxiety

Visteon makes high-definition dashboard displays for instrument clusters, navigation panels, and entertainment systems. They also know the future is autonomous driving, and to help anxious customers get a sense of the technological possibilities, they are developing driving simulators that demonstrate manual vs. autonomous driving conditions.

First, they run drivers through a simulation where they have control over the car. Then they run the same simulation with an automated system.

Visteon's Autonomous Experience Simulator concept leverages research findings to show a vision of how autonomous driving is likely to evolve over the next ten years and explores the impact this evolution will have on vehicle use cases, features, and user experiences. The vision is brought to life in the form of a three-stage transition to autonomous driving, which is demonstrated inside a fully-immersive simulator that enables users to experience autonomous driving scenarios including use cases that are non-existent today. For more information, visit

Bonus video: their Technical Sales Manager Chris Round gives a very placid demonstration of some pretty cool vehicle display concept models.

Visteon Autonomous Experience Simulator (YouTube / Visteon)