Nick Offerman shares his misadventures in sawdust and workshop projects for all levels

I got into woodworking recently after buying my first house. I started building furniture not so much as a hobby, but because after buying a house I couldn't afford furniture to fill it. My thinking was, why spend a couple hundred bucks at Ikea buying a wobbly table, when I could buy a couple tools off Craigslist, get some lumber, and build exactly what I want. My utilitarian need to create something I could eat dinner off of, turned into a deep respect for woodworkers. So I was excited to read Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop. It combines my newfound joy of gluing wood together, and my fandom for all things Nick Offerman.

If you're not aware, Offerman is an actor, comedian, author, but throughout it all he's been working with wood as both a hobby and way of life. While Good Clean Fun is filled with Offerman's sense of humor, it's very much a shop book. You will learn how to build a birdhouse whether you like it or not.

Offerman sets up the book, explaining some Shop 101 tips, then he and other members of his woodshop walk you through how to build different projects. They explain how to cut, sand, join, and finish things ranging from dining chairs to a wooden kazoo. This isn't a joke-per-page book, well it is, but it also gets very technical. So if you have no interest in sawing, drilling, or the smell of cedar, this probably isn't going to be your book. But if you're looking to get some sawdust in your hair (it gives your hair a je ne sais quoi) then this is a perfect book to start with.

Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop

by Nick Offerman


2016, 352 pages, 8.4 x 1 x 10.3 inches, Hardcover

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