Marvel at these layered backlit papercraft silhouettes

Seattle-based artist Brittany Cox creates "dreamboxes," gorgeous hand-cut layers of paper framed and backlit. Most have fantasy or literary themes.

She was inspired by a friend who took her to a gallery to cheer her up:

I've always had a knack for working with my hands, a trait that I inherited from my dad, and I am never so happy as when I am creating something beautiful. After spending a few years exploring different mediums through costume creation and design, I was having a hard time and felt as though I had lost my way. A friend of mine invited me to an art gallery showing to cheer me up, and I saw a beautiful light box someone had made. I was fascinated by the combination of drawing, paper cutting, and light, and seeing that piece helped me rediscover my passion for art. I dove into the world of dreamboxes in March of 2016 and though I have only scratched the surface, I've already feel as though I have grown so much as an artist.

BadgerBurrowDreambox (via BoredPanda)