Origami meets robots in a book of 46 DIY glowbots

Attention, fellow mad scientists and monster creators! It's time to put down our scalpels and electrodes and move into the twenty-first century. We need to upgrade our bio laboratories, transforming them into modern mechanical/electrical engineering labs. Anybody can pump several thousand volts into a creature created from spare parts. But, it's the modern robot that gives us true control over every tiny detail of our creations, right down to the 1's and 0's of their digital brains. Imagine the horror and chaos that we can unleash with an army of mass-produced metal-monsters . . . mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Papertoy Glowbots is a collection of forty-six robot designs by fifteen notable papertoy artists from around the globe including the author, Brian Castleforte. These robots glow, taking the previous book, Papertoy Monsters, a step further. Some have glow-in-the-dark stickers while others require the use of glow sticks, night-lights, or battery-operated tea light candles. One way or another, they have the ability to light up in some fashion.

Every robot is printed on both sides, so the finished toy has colorful graphics inside and out. Pieces are perforated for easy punch-out, and they are pre-scored for easy folding. Even the slots are pre-cut for easy assembly (no dangerous craft knives to contend with). Construction difficulties range from easy to advanced, and is recommended for everyone nine years or older, but my seven-year-old nephew gets a kick out of them too.

The book contains a variety of robots ranging from cyborgs to fully autonomous metal bots and mechanical horrors driven by living beings. Some are extraterrestrial in nature, and each one has its own back story for added fun. Choosing your next robot to build can be hard, but worth it in the end.

The really fun part is seeing your finished creations glow! Here's a pro tip from one mad scientist to another: use a black light to make the glow-in-the-dark stickers spark and sizzle with intense light. It's awesome!

Papertoy Glowbotscontains hours of tinkering fun at home, at school, or on the go. And, you don't have to raid your father's tool box or take apart the toaster looking for spare parts. The only tool you'll need is glue.

Papertoy Glowbots: 46 Glowing Robots You Can Make Yourself!

by Brian Castleforte

Workman Publishing Company

2016, 196 pages, 8.4 x 0.7 x 11 inches, Paperback

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