How to talk about Trump using trumpspeak (and why you should)

"Impeach the guy. He's an unstable person. Yemen? Disaster. Everyone knows it's true. Even he knows it. Awful. Everyone agrees."

Heather Havrilesky argues that Trump has changed the political landscape and the most hardy forms of information are those that adopt his protective coloration. Keep the nuance for the longer, thinkier pieces, but go viral with this kind of thing: "Bowling Green Massacre? Total lie. An embarrassment. Kellyanne Conway is an unstable person. Let the mentally ill buy guns? Are you crazy? Terrible! Let Putin bomb Ukraine? Bad idea, very bad. Incredibly dangerous."

As Havrilesky says, "If you're not boring yourself, you're not doing it right."

He's dead wrong on immigration. Everyone knows it. Doctors, academics, American citizens, treated like criminals? Terrible. An embarrassment. He's unfit. He's gotta go.

We're in big trouble, huge trouble. This guy wants to start World War III. We have to stop him. He'll get us all killed.

Trump is incredibly dangerous. Incredibly dangerous! It's obvious. He's corrupt, he's unstable, he's reckless. Yemen? Disaster. Putin? Pulling the strings. We're not safe with him in office. Totally unsafe. We need your help. When are you going to take a stand against this guy? When? He's got to go. It's obvious. Everyone agrees.

In His Own Words
[Heather Havrilesky/The Awl]