EPIKGO – The Indestructable Hoverboard

We just got the Sport model of the EPIKGO hoverboard at my office. Besides being terribly chic, it's apparently bulletproof.

Weighing in at 26 lbs. and measuring 24" wide, this thing dwarfs every other hoverboard we've ridden. I don't know how much larger they can make these before there's room to install seats and armrests. But so far, the EPIKGO is the Rolls Royce of standing vehicles that move you about by simply leaning (while not using your hands).

They claim they've created the "indestructible hoverboard that you can go anywhere with" and though nothing is truly indestructible, this seems damn close. My wife and I have taken it (slowly) through fields of unleveled dirt, and (carefully) across acres of steep bumpy grass with no problems.

My neighborhood is extremely hilly and when I've tested other hover boards in it, I've always had to carry my "hands free" vehicle up the steep areas. But the EPIKGO not only did it made it up our hills, it seemed to challenge me to find things it couldn't climb – like curbs for instance.

For God's sake though, their promotional video shows their electric invention blazing through puddles and creeping up the ridiculously hilly streets of San Francisco.   That's pretty awesome for something people thought was just a douchey toy last year.

The price, as you can imagine is higher than most other hoverboards but as an alternative tank solid vehicle for travel in busy cities, it makes sense.

The EPIKGO is waterproof and has a 10 mile riding range on a single charge as long as you aren't riding in cities that have massive changes in elevations. But most importantly, the Epikgo is guaranteed to never run super hot, catch on fire and explode your feet off – and that's what we're all really concerned about right? Well that and Cyber Yoga…

and hoverboard acrobats.

Seriously?  If you've ever ridden around on a hoverboard of any kind you might be crapping yourself after seeing those clips.  These people are ridiculous!  Why is it that I'm constantly in "prepared to catch myself in case of terrible fall even though I'm just standing" while these loonies are able to jack around on their hands without a care in the world?

Anyway, I'm not expecting an answer from you  –  but come on now!