100 of the coolest buildings in Los Angeles

From Spanish-style adobe to Art Deco to Googie to Midcentury Modern to new experimental forms, Los Angeles is one of the most eclectic cities for architecture. Los Angeles Magazine curated this great list of 100 architectural gems worthy of a visit.

Los Angeles has always been a city of whimsy and experimentation. Ours is a landscape dotted with fantastical castles built by dreamers who moved west. And have you seen the mid-century modern homes scattered among the hills? (Show of hands, who's just here for the mid-century modern stuff?) Not to mention we're home to world class architects and contemporary innovators cooking up solutions to the problems of homelessness and urbanization. Granted, there's aprox. a billion more incredible buildings here that could have made this list, but hey, we're finite people in an infinitely fascinating city, and we had to start somewhere. So without further ado, and in no particular order…

If you're interesting in where things are heading in terms of urban renewal, architectural critic Christopher Hawthorne did a really interesting show last year on architectural trends throughout the city, and not just high-profile projects.

A Guide to the 100 Stunning Architectural Gems of L.A. (Los Angeles)

Image: Ron Reirling