How an old camera flash became the first Star Wars lightsaber

The legendary lightsaber that Obi Wan passed on to Luke in Star Wars: A New Hope was actually a modified battery tube from a 1940s Graflex camera flash. Once that was known, prop recreators drove up the price of the flashes, frustrating vintage camera geeks who appreciate the elegant gear for a more civilized age.

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  1. I have the same feelings about this as I do about makers who retrofit modern computers into antiquated mac enclosures:

    Buying collectable antique tech in working order with the intent to gut it so you can do your maker project is a sin. Always, always buy broken gear for your mods.

  2. As a Speed Graphic owner, I do find it annoying that if I want a 3-cell Graflex handle, I would have to compete with SW nerds and probably pay a premium to get it. On the other hand, my camera came with a 2-cell Heiland flash handle that works fine, so as a practical matter I only have to worry about it if the flash fails before I've used up my stash of Press 25 bulbs.

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