Finally, a mime for the rest of us

Billy the Mime is working through some things. What they are, exactly, I don't want to guess.

If you are in Los Angeles, you can come help Xeni and I figure it out at this Saturday's 2 Headed Dog show, February 18, 2017 at the Steve Allen Theatre.

Billy knows this is a messed-up world, even if the people around him don't. He is a master of movement, space work, and sarcasm. Who doesn't love a nihilist Mime sharing irony and suffering without making a sound?

Billy also paints portraits, mostly of himself. While the work itself is reminiscent of a younger Gustav Klimt, perhaps aged 3 to 5, Billy's ability to smuggle it into Los Angeles area museums is without parallel. Keep your eyes open in the city of angels and you might just come across a Billy original.

Billy the Mime will be silently wowing the crowds at this Saturday's 2 Headed Dog show.

2 Headed Dog's Girly Magazine Party


The Steven Allen Theater

4773 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

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