Crimm Grunk Garlic Cleas – and other recipes created by a neural network

Research scientist Janelle Shane has been training a neural network to generate food recipes by giving it tens of thousands of cookbook recipes. The neural net's recipes are excellent:

Beef Soup With Swamp Peef And Cheese

Chocolate Chops & Chocolate Chips

Crimm Grunk Garlic Cleas

Beasy Mist

Export Bean Spoons In Pie-Shell, Top If Spoon and Whip The Mustard

Chocolate Pickle Sauce

Whole Chicken Cookies

Salmon Beef Style Chicken Bottom

Star *

Cover Meats

Out Of Meat

Completely Meat Circle

Completely Meat Chocolate Pie

Cabbage Pot Cookies

Artichoke Gelatin Dogs

Crockpot Cold Water