Watch: Mind blowing! Close-up magic doesn't get any better than this

Here's an amazing magic performance by magician Will Tsai from America's Got Talent.

Tsai introduces his magic with this suggestion: "I like flowers because they remind of how beautiful life is, but also very fragile. And that's why every second counts. In the grand scheme of things, life happens in the blink of an eye. So for the next moments, don't blink."

So I didn't blink as he placed his coins under cards and then magically made them disappear and reappear under different cards. It's a trick you've seen before, but not like this.

In the end, Howie Mandel says, "I just want to say that I have seen so much close-up magic. I swear to you, this was ultimately by far the best close-up magic I've ever seen in my life."