Super-rare Disney theme-park merch on auction

Haunted Mansion superfan Jeff "Chef Mayhem" Baham sent me a link to the Van Eaton Galleries Disneyland auction, which closes on June 25 — as with other Van Eaton auctions, this one is a trove of super-rare, drool-inspiring old merch, props and handicrafts.

Jeff notes that the auction will be offering his "I Scream Sundae" Haunted Mansion silkscreen poster from Disneyland; "it's the only one I've seen in the public arena in 20 years. Jeff Kurtti included it in his Disneyland book from a few years back, so I know there's at least one more in the Disney archives, but that might be it."

There's a lot of other Mansion pieces of great interest: an original Tomb Sweet Tomb prop, a shirt once worn by a Hitchhiking Ghost animatronic, and a fantastic range of Randotti prototypes, pieces, and notes.

Walt Disney's Disneyland presented by Van Eaton Galleries