Deleted Wikipedia articles with freaky titles

Deleted Wikipedia articles with freaky titles is the best article on Wikipedia. From "Ç‹¬ç‰¹è§Â解" to Zombucks, with many oddities along the way (such as "☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼"), all that remains are the tantalizing names given to what were surely excellent, well-researched and not at all fannishly promotional entries for geeky obsessions.

Here is the section for articles that began with "R".

Radioactive Pedophile on the Loose!
Random boner syndrome
Raptor jesus
Rat smacker
Raving white octopus
Reasons Why Many People Study in China
Recombinant Human Dragon
Rectal Anarchy
Reducing your weight in a ver...
References to polycephaly in popular culture
Republic of Illinois
Retard squad
Richard's macaroni and cheese
Rihno man super kidoonfire
Ross hutchison anal explosion
Run 2 were u want run 2 were u want! im gonna catch u catch

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