The richest person in every state, by industry

You might think every American state is overrun with tech billionaires, given the amount of press they get, but Forbes shows that the richest person in each state is more likely to have made their fortune in fashion, retail, finance, or investing:

In all, we recorded 52 people (there were ties in two states) worth an aggregate $747 billion — up from $682 billion last year. Nearly 70% of them, or 36 people, are wealthier than last year; only 12 saw a decline in the value of their net worth. Their fortunes average $14.4 billion, up from $12.6 billion in 2016.

They made their money in industries as varied as the states they call home. The most popular industries for minting a state-leading fortune: fashion & retail, and finance & investments. These sectors each claim 8 list members. Next up is food & beverage, with 5, followed by a three-way tie between manufacturing, media & entertainment, and technology, with 4 apiece.

Forbes has extensive coverage of their 2017 list in case you're wondering whom the poor in your state will eat first in the uprising.

The Richest Person in Every State (Forbes)