Buy the book "How I Made $290,000 Selling Books," only $290,000 on Amazon

Jack Stratton, the leader of the band Vulfpeck has offered a book on Amazon, "How I Made $290,000 Selling Books." It was much funnier when the page first went up and Amazon provided an order link to purchase the book for $290,000. They have since replaced that link with a note that the book is "currently unavailable."

By the way, this dubious side project aside, I cannot recommend Vulfpeck enough; they've become my favorite band. On the surface, they're pranksters and ironists, but strip away a few layers of irony (and then a few more) and they are the exact opposite: incredibly sincere, making fantastic, mind-blowing "minimalist funk" music.

One of my favorite Vulfpeck songs is "Wait for the Moment," featuring Antwaun Stanley. It has special resonance for me because it's about a ~10 year old kid, but it's done in my favorite funky musical style, which happens to have been the dominiant musical style at the time that I was a ~10 year old kid!

My other favorite Vulfpeck song (also feat. Mr. Stanley) is "1612," which can be seen as an elaborate device for remembering a four-digit keypad code. My biggest fear is that someone will hack into my iTunes account and find out how many times I've played these two songs.