Police recover car stolen from senior couple, then try to auction it

Mary and Clyde Antrim are a married couple from Pueblo Colorado in their 80s. Mary and Clyde were upset when their car was stolen. Mary and Clyde were happy when Colorado Springs police found their stolen car. Mary and Clyde were unhappy when the police said they wouldn't give it back to them because it was being held for evidence. Mary and Clyde were mad a month later when they read online that the police were going to auction their car. Mary and Clyde were perplexed when the police department said it told them to come get the car, because the police never told them. Mary and Clyde were upset when they found out they had to pay they police $178 to get their car back even though charging crime victims is against Colorado Springs Police Department policy. Mary and Clyde were relieved when a local TV news station helped them get their car back. Mary and Clyde will be happy when the police department apologizes.

From KOAA:

"It is the policy of the Colorado Springs Police Department that victims of crimes whose vehicles are towed as part of the criminal investigation will not be charged tow/impound storage fees while at the Impound facility," Sgt. Garza wrote via email.

Yet we found the department wanted to charge Mary $178 to get her car back.

"I need my car for my doctors' appointments that I have to go to," Mary said. "That's my transportation and I'm 80 years old and I'd like to have my car back so I can do what I have to do."

News 5 Investigates contacted Colorado Springs police on July 11th. The next day, Colorado Springs police called Mary and told her they would waive all impound fees and release her vehicle.

"I think your calls obviously helped 100-percent," Mary said.

We went to the Impound Lot to verify Mary's car would be released without any problems. We did confirm her vehicle was released for free.

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