Watch: Gas pump keeps charging after nozzle is removed

Here's a guy recording a gas pump that keeps charging after the nozzle is removed. Perhaps it was just a faulty pump, but it's not the first time this has happened at a gas station.

Last month, driver Garry McAllister in Texas had the same problem. He took the nozzle out of the pump, but the displayed price kept shooting up. "I felt like I was being robbed and it just seemed like they didn't really care," driver Garry McAllister said, according to Click2Houston. Although McAllister did receive a refund for the overcharge and a promise that the pump would be closed until the problem was fixed, a reporter later went to check on the pump and found it was not shut down – it was still over charging customers.

McAllister said the clerk promised to put that pump out of service by covering it with a plastic bag so no one else would be overcharged.

But at about 11 a.m. Sunday morning KPRC reporter Jake Reiner went back to check on that same gas pump at the Stripes Sunoco station on League City Parkway and found that pump had not been shut down. There was no plastic bag and the pump was still malfunctioning.

Reiner said he tested it out and began fueling one of the station's vehicles and it did the same thing with as McAllister claimed.

Even with Reiner's hand off the trigger and no fuel pumping, pump 18 kept charging him.

This makes me wonder if overcharging pumps are a scam or just a pump malfunction with incompetent station employees? Pumper beware!