Watch tourists getting scammed at Czech Border

Honest Guide is a Prague-based YouTube channel that exposes scams and tourist traps in the Czech Republic.

In this particular video, Honest Guide highlights a company that overcharges people driving across the border by hiding the official place to pay for the toll.

The unofficial toll booth owned by the private company charges six euros more than the normal price for the crossing fee, which is required to drive on highways in Czechia. This means that tourists end up paying 50% more than they should for the fee. The company only accepts Czech crowns, forcing tourists to exchange their euros at a bad rate, too.

The video explains that people can simply pay the toll online or at an official kiosk (which is hard to find but accepts credit cards), and takes only one minute or less. However, many tourists are unaware of this option and end up waiting for hours in line at the private company's booth.