Japanese robot dog sniffs your feet and faints if they're smelly

In case you're the type who doesn't notice your own bad foot odor, help has come in the form of a cute robot dog named Hana-chan (Hana means "nose" in English). Hana, who has a sensor in its nose, is trained to sniff your feet. If your feet smell fresh and dandy, Hana will wag its tail in delight. If your foot is bordering on stinky, it will sound a warning bark. If, however, your feet kick up a stench, Hana will fall over.

The above video is a prototype from 2015, when Hana used to be called Shun-Taro, and according to Oddity Central, Hana's company, Next Technology, "is ready to launch a commercial version of the feet-smelling robot." But don't whip out your checkbook just yet – first take a look at the faint-inducing price tag: ¥100,000 ($9,280). In Japan, where shoes are taken off before entering buildings and foot odor is highly offensive, the price might seem reasonable to some folks. But elsewhere? Not sure, but I think I'll pass!