Russian Gun Show debuts a new robot dog with a missile launcher backpack

From Vice:

The video was taken at "Army-2022," an ongoing arms fair in Moscow. The conference is taking place from Monday until Sunday, has around 1,500 participants, and over 28,000 exhibits, according to its website. One exhibitor also showed off an unmanned military truck which has no cockpit.

And here's the Google-Translated text of the Telegram post where the video originated (which, to be fair, comes from a state-owned news agency in Russia):

At "Army-2022" they noticed a robot dog with a grenade launcher. The developers told RIA Novosti what she was doing there.

According to them, this is a sample of the M-81 robotic system, capable of conducting aimed shooting and transporting weapons, and for civilian purposes it can be used in the emergency zone for reconnaissance, passage through rubble and delivery of medicines.

When used in combat, the robotic dog can also be engaged in target designation, patrolling and security.

Why does the robot look like a dog? The developers say that the machines are made using bionics – the principles, structures and mechanics characteristic of the animal world, so they resemble dogs, especially in dynamics.


Robot Dog With RPG Strapped to Its Back Demoed at Russian Arms Fair [Joseph Cox / Vice]