Hack networking with this easy to use app

What's the next step in your career? If it's landing a better job, you need to start growing your network to make sure that when the ideal position opens up, you're the first name that comes to mind. If you aspire to be your own boss or run a business, you need to meet the right people to help you, such as cofounders or marketing gurus. If you have no idea what your dream career path is, maybe it's time to start meeting other interesting professionals and get inspired by their trajectories. No matter where you see yourself in five years, one thing is clear: you will need help and inspiration from other professionals to get there. Luckily for you, there is an easy way to start making the right connections for your career.

Shapr is a free app that makes networking simple. It connects people based on their interests, skills, and professional goals, facilitating useful conversations with potential mentors, future colleagues, and collaborators.

The way the app works is deceptively easy. Every day, members of the Shapr community are algorithmically matched with a few relevant people who share their interests or career paths. Then, you can swipe to either connect or pass. If you connect, Shapr will initiate a chat, encouraging you and your new connection to meet up for lunch or coffee. It's simple, fast and efficient, and you can build a meaningful network in a few swipes a day.

"This app is a game changer," says Sarah Yuro, an entrepreneur based in Atlanta. Sarah has been trying to build her dream startup for three years, a video sharing service called MyIntro. However, she struggled with finding the right engineer for the product until she met Viraj Shah through Shapr.

"I found someone to collaborate with in literally three days. I haven't been able to find someone of his caliber to collaborate with in three years!"

Shapr user Olakunle Oladehin says he found success in a different way after using Shapr to find mentors. Olakunle had recently made a career shift from medical research to working on the executive team of a nonprofit organization called Everybody Dance Now! Through Shapr, he met other arts administrators who helped him navigate his first three months in the job.

"Set a goal for yourself to meet at least one new person a week, and every day if you can," suggests Olakunle. "These conversations will inspire you and help you on your own path, whatever that may be."

Whether you're exploring a career shift, searching for your next job, plotting a side hustle or just looking for friends in your city, this app is for you. With Shapr, a professional network is only a swipe away.

Download Shapr and start building your network today. Free for iOS and Android.

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